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Tree removal can be a difficult task.  Orange County Palm Tree Pros specializes in the most effective tree removal procedure, not just palm tree trimming.  We can remove the smallest tree all the way to the larger, older tree.  We have all the latest equipment to ensure the best tree removal process.  We do tree removal of palm trees, pine trees, and all other trees or shrubs that need to be dealt with.  Our professionally trained staff takes great steps to ensure that all tree removal projects are done in a matter that nothing or no person is in harm's way.  Our team carefully assesses each tree removal procedure and has a total game plan before any tree removal is done.  This step is crucial in the tree removal process to ensure a safe and successful tree removal.

When tree removing is complete, we take care of all the cleanup and dispose of all extra tree branches and any other portions of the tree that remains.  Orange County Palm Tree Pros can also handle any removal of older large tree roots and even the largest of tree stumps.  We have special techniques to remove everything from the area so that as if the tree was never there. You can also check our About us page to know more about our company.

Water supply is important to live trees.  Properties that are vacant and water has been shut off for periods of time can and will kill the trees, forcing the removal of the trees.  There are cases where you can attempt to cut off dead branches and do forced injections, but most of the time the tree will need to be removed.  If a tree is growing in a particular direction of where it will damage a structure or interfere with a power or any other source, the tree will definitely need to be removed.  Tree removal, in this case, will be done with great caution in order to prevent any harm to either a structure or power source.

There is also several different fungus and diseases that often times spread from tree to tree.   This can be devastating to a neighborhood or even affect an entire city.  Once trees are infected by such diseases, it is extremely important that the tree is removed as fast as possible, and hopefully, it’s disease or fungus won’t spread to other trees in the area.  Often times, tree removal will have to be done on several trees once a disease or fungus is found.  Orange County Palm Tree Pros is trained and certified in tree fungus and disease and frequently finds tree fungus and disease long before it can affect the tree or other trees nearby.  We can do inspections on larger properties to make sure that there are no trees in distress and do tree removal on the trees that need to be eliminated.

A much more common reason for tree removal is storms.  Storms and high winds can prove to be a major factor in tree removal.  If a tree is blown down and affecting nearby structures or power sources it is crucial that the tree is removed immediately.  Our highly trained staff is always on call for emergency tree removal service.

The most important factor in tree removal for our team is your safety and wellness.  We take tree removal very seriously in these cases and will do everything to protect our customers and their personal properties.  Whether your tree is in stress or already blown down, Orange County Palm Tree Pros are here to the rescue.

Other options rather than removing a tree are to possibly “top” the tree.  This process is when you cut off the larger top part of the tree and remove dead branches so that it will no longer be in potential danger from future storms or high winds.  When you remove that weight from an older tree, the survival rate is much higher than if you don’t remove the excess branches.

Orange County Palm Tree Pros is your professional when it comes to tree removal.  Give us a call today or visit our Contact us page and set up your appointment for our friendly staff to come out and get you your free quote today.  We’ll be happy to accommodate all your tree removal needs.

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