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Here in Orange County, there is a plethora of beautiful, breathtaking palm trees.  Orange County Palm Tree Pros is the number one palm tree trimming company by far.  We have the largest and latest fleet of palm tree trimming trucks and shredders for completely efficient cleanup.  We are proud to serve the entire Orange County area for all your palm tree-trimming needs.  We can provide palm tree trimming to single-family residences, apartment complexes and HOA communities, and even large commercial shopping centers and the hospitality industry.  There really is no job that is too small or too big for Orange County Palm Tree Pros.  We also have our tree removal division that provides tree removal services for even the largest and oldest trees.  Our staff is extremely professional is extra cautious while we perform our palm tree trimming or tree removal service.  We are careful not to ever put our team or the general public in any harm's way as we perform the palm tree trimming or tree removal process.

With over 15 years in the palm tree trimming and tree removal business, Orange County Palm Tree Pros has got your smallest, or largest project covered.  We can handle every type of tree from Pine to Palms.  We never hesitate to answer any of your questions that you may have regarding the schedule and the safety of the palm tree trimming or tree removal process.  Other services that we provide include pruning, removing, and even transplanting as well.  We also provide long-term contracts for HOA communities, commercial/industrial properties, and the hospitality industry.  Our staff is fast and efficient and ready to take on your next palm tree trimming or tree removal job. You can visit our About page to know more about our company.

There are several reasons why you will need to keep up with your palm tree trimming.  Most important is the health and well being of your palm tree.  As newer fronds grow on the part of the palm tree, the older layers begin to die off.  This is where they become a true maintenance nightmare.  The palm trees start to actually shed off all of that dead material leaving quite a mess for the lower landscape that surrounds the palm trees.  In Orange County, the climate is perfect for palm trees and other trees as well.  The palm tree trimming process should be done about twice per year.

Trimming the palm trees will not only allow the palm tree to thrive and grow but will detour any fungus or disease from overtaking the palm forcing it to actually be removed in some cases.  The dead fronds on the palm tree can also attract an infestation of insects or even beehives.  These issues can become a rather large nuisance to the property as the infestation can travel to other areas of the property and they are difficult to get rid of.

The other huge factor that is important to keep your palm tree’s trimmed is the threat of fire.  Dead palm tree fronds are an extreme fire hazard and can ignite in seconds.  Once a dead frond or flowers are ignited, they can travel rapidly to nearby structures and start them on fire.  As we all know, fires are a huge issue here in Orange County and keeping the palm tree’s trimmed is definitely a must as for fire prevention.  By keeping your palm trees trimmed on a regular basis, you eliminate all of the potential issues and keep your palm trees healthy and strong to enjoy for years to come.

By keeping the palm trees properly trimmed, it allows the inner part of the palm tree to be exposed to additional sunlight that will also enhance the growth of the palm tree.  During the palm tree trimming process, Orange County Palm Tree Pros are careful to only remove the parts of the palm tree that is necessary and definitely no more.  We are careful to remove the dead palm fronds, any flowers or fruits, and any palm tree fronds that might be threatening a nearby power source or structure.

The main goal in the palm tree trimming procedure is to make the palm tree look clean and neat and not to prune the tree beyond its needs.  Trimming, or pruning a tree too much is also dangerous to the palm tree as it can be overexposed to the sunlight and actually suffer from a potential burn.  Over-trimming the palm tree can also cause the tree to stress, causing slower growth or even die.

Palm tree trimming is a delicate process and our highly trained staff at Orange County Palm Tree Pros can make sure the job is done right.  Each tree goes through an intensive analyzing process and a total plan is made prior to any palm tree trimming job.  As always, we are happy to answer and go over any palm tree trimming questions and eager to hear any suggestions or requests regarding the palm tree trimming steps.

Trimming your palm trees is not only healthy for your palm trees, but it also shows that your property is well taken care of.  During the palm tree trimming steps, we are able to even give the palm tree a beautiful shape.  This can really assist you especially if you are thinking of selling your property or even a landlord for a commercial or industrial property that is trying to attract new tenants.  Palm trees that are trimmed properly really add value to the property and palm trees are one of the first things that you see arriving at a property.

It is extremely important if you have any palm trees near a pool that you keep the palm trees properly trimmed.  The reasoning behind keeping your palm trees trimmed, especially near a pool, is that the dead fronds and seeds that end up blowing into the pool water can actually cause a major disaster for the swimming pool.  The dead fronds, flowers and even fruits that get into the pool cause a major chemical breakdown and can even be the cause of serious algae, mold, and bacteria to grow in a swimming pool.  The palm tree fronds, flowers, and fruits that are in the pool eventually end up in the pool filter system where they can clog up an entire pool system.  By keeping the palm tree’s trimmed that are near a pool can really be a big saving in the long run.  Replacing expensive pool equipment is much more of a cost than keeping your palm trees trimmed.

Orange County Palm Tree Pros is ready for your next job.  Give us a call today or visit our Contact page and we will be happy to go on site to give you a no obligation estimate today.


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